Male Hormone Replacement Therapy


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Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by the human body. Testosterone is largely responsible for libido and sperm development.   It is also a proponent of maintaining bone and muscle mass.

The aging process  will cause  the production of testosterone to decrease. This can cause many symptoms and many times those are accepted as normal signs of aging. If any of the following symptoms have impacted your life, the only way to know if Testosterone Therapy would benefit you would be to have a specialist run a blood test.

Libido –
a drastic drop in sex drive

Erectile Issues – noticeable issues with achieving erections

Hair loss – testosterone can still be a factor is noticeable loss of hair on the

Lack of Energy – Loss of energy is a key indicator that you could have low T

Muscle Mass – Noticeable changes in muscle mass

Increased Body Fat – Low testosterone can contribute to an increase in body fat.

Mood Instability – Anxiety, mood swings and inability to stay focused are commonly

Cardio-Vascular Health – Low testosterone can impact nearly all aspects of your health.


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